Usually body products are typically not easy to carry when travelling. Since they are all in cream form, there is the hassle of having to put it on your hands when applying it. The moisture does not last for a long time in the dermis and the firming function is weak resulting in poor skin elasticity

It takes the form of a stick, making it effortless to apply without squeezing it in your hands. With this, you don't need to use multiple body skin care products for different parts of your body. You can take care of your entire body with just Biimil body product.


After using this body balm, I noticed .that my body skin has a healthy glow, more even skin tone and dry skin disappears and feel super moisturized

4.98 average
213 reviews

It’s only been 24 hrs of using this product but so far I love it! It’s not greasy or oily and the scent is very subtle and fresh. I’m really picky about products (scent and texture) and this one is definitely a keeper.

Sara Thomas-Goncalves

Loyal Customer

Love love the smell but haven't noticed any more firming then usual but I'll continue to use it. I bet I'll notice more if it was summer time, being winter I'm covered up from head to toe lol.

Adrea N

Loyal Customer

As a guy, this product helps with dry skin problems. It’s comfortable to have on and does not feel greasy. I love it.

William H

Loyal Customer

Super compact and easy to travel with. Works like a charm!


Loyal Customer

This balm leaves my skin feeling super moisturzied

Sarah G.

Loyal Customer

It's in a simple stick type, so it is perfect for people like me who like simple skin care.

Alex T.

Loyal Customer

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